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Small boats are fun to make, and even more fun when you are finished. A few basic tools and a small amount of room, a single-car garage will do just fine. Turn heads when you head to the water, with something you created yourself.

Plans – Noosa

3.4m (11′) long – small enough to build in your garage and narrow enough to walk to the water.

Simple to build, with 6 mm (1/4in) plywood, she gets up and planes with a 3.3hp motor. Click on the picture to learn more. Recommended motor size 3.3—5hp.

Plans – Tewantin

3.4m (11′) long – a high-speed runabout you can make in your garage. This boat flies. Light enough to load on top of your car.

Max motor size is 15hp, recommended is 6-10hp. 62 pages of detailed technical drawings, magazine-style notes and more, to help you build Tewantin.

    Plans – Geelong

    4.7m (15.4′) long – but narrow enough to walk to the water. Another boat you can build in your garage.

    Choose how you rig her. Cat rigged as in the photos (very simple), or try a Gaff rig for more sail area with the same size mast.

      Plans – Geelong Model 850

      0.85m (33″) long – small enough to build on your kitchen table but large enough to go sailing.

      This boat is a replica of the full-size Geelong. If you don’t have room to build a full-size boat, you can still have fun building this boat (and take it sailing).

      Model boat plan

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