Building Tokyo express


Time for some fun

After 3 years of “hard labour” now it was time to have some fun.

What a transformation. Instead of waking up putting on work clothes and getting covered in dust, now I pulled on my shorts, a T-shirt, and stepped on deck. With a coffee in hand… Freedom at last!

At home on the river

The Noosa River became home port, anchored across the river from the Noosa sailing club, where it was quiet. At night when the daytime boaties went home, the water would turn to glass and the stars would come out. The river belonged to me — it was magic.

Sunrise on the Noosa River

I loved waking up to this.

Camping – in the early days

I launched the boat before I finished the interior. I was in a hurry to get in the water! But that was OK, I had everything I needed to live comfortably. And the rent was cheap on the water ($0).

2nd day in the water – first time in a marina


The maiden voyage – north

For the first two weeks in the water, I only adventured up and down the Noosa River, testing and preparing things. But once all was ready, we headed north! The whole story is in my coming book (with pictures), about the adventures – while living on this boat.

Kids on board

The kids always loved being on the boat. Off the coast near Noosa, with my nephew and niece trying a spot of fishing.


The only time I ever raced the boat, in the Whitsundays . We cleaned up! 

In the tropics – north Queensland

For the first few years living aboard, I did like many other yachties, living on their boats, I followed the sun. North in winter, south in summer.

Water run

A part of life, living on the boat was getting water. I used to run ashore on a regular basis, filling up 20-litre plastic containers from taps, where I could find them. Eventually, I rigged up a pump to use instead of lifting the heavy containers onboard.


I never experienced so many amazing sunsets, as during the time I lived on this boat. Somehow on the water, you get to see so much more of what’s going on around you.

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