Build Tewantin

A fast, lightweight sports boat made from plywood that you can carry on top of your car.

A whisker shorter than “Noosa” but a different boat. 33% wider with taller sides and more volume inside. Max motor size is 15hp, although 6-10hp is ideal. CNC files are available.

Plywood boat - CAD drawing
Why you will fall in love with Tewantin...

I never wanted to pull her out of the water at the end of the day. The feeling driving this boat was one of gliding, sliding over the water. With her lightweight, smooth bottom and the hull shape. This boat gets on the plane immediately and stays there with little effort.

The hull shape was the result of a lot of trials and refining after the building of the original boat. The shape is a big improvement over the straight V bottom it began life as, offering greater stability and better planning performance. Now with computer-produced plans, all the parts and shapes are easy to cut and fit together exactly.

Carry her on roof racks. I used to carry her on top of my old Ford XC Falcon. She is light enough to lift up alone, otherwise, a small trailer is the way to go. On the original boat, I used a 6hp mercury 2-stroke, twin, (26kg) which was easy to throw in the boot of the car. You maybe can’t walk down the footpath like “Noosa” but she is still a light and easy to handle boat that will leave any tinnie behind.

What's in the Plans?

The plans include the following PDF multi-page documents and can be purchased and downloaded from your computer, phone or tablet. This is a secure website.

• 1-Welcome PDF  3-pages
• 2-Boat specifications + loading data 2-pages
• 3-Materials lists + tools & safety gear 8-pages
• 4-Build notes (work-table/building the boat) 12-pages
• Drawings-1 (elevation+temp frames) 14-pages
• Drawings-2 (boat frame+details) 9-pages
• Template-1 (6mm Ply parts) 9-pages
• Template-2 (9mm Ply + MFD) 5-Pages

Download links to these files are emailed to you immediately upon payment. You will also be taken to a download page with the above links. You can download the files as many times as you need and free lifetime updates to the plans will be emailed to you when any improvements or upgrades are made.

  • LOA   (length over all)       = 3.4 m – (11.2ft)
  • Beam (max at handrails) = 1.46 m – (58in)
  • Transom height  = 425 mm – (16.7in)   (motor mount height)
  • Height of sides  = 456 mm – (18in)
  • Estimated weight of boat = 60 kg – (132lbs)   (or less)
  • Maximum motor size  = 15 hp
  • Recommend motor size    = 6 – 10 hp
  • Max payload = 270 kg – (595lbs)   (MT boat – no motor or equipment)
  • Max payload (with 6hp as max motor) = 218 kg – (480lbs)
  • Max payload (with 15hp as max motor) = 178 kg – (392lbs)
What materials do I need?

A more detailed list with more explanations and tips is included in the plans, but below will give you an idea for costing your boat.

  • Plywood  –  You don’t need to use expensive grades of plywood or marine ply to make this boat. You can use marine ply if you prefer, and your boat will look even better, when unpainted or varnished. But it is not required. The boat was designed with economy and ease of material purchase in mind – exterior grade, structural economy plywood will also perform the job perfectly.
    • ( 4 sheets )   6mm
    • ( 1 sheet )     9mm
  • Framing  –   Again with the choice of wood for the framing, around the side tops and seat edges etc., pine is economical, readily available and perfectly suitable. But you can use better quality wood as well, such as cedar – it’s your choice.
    • approximately 15-20m of pine framing.
  • Epoxy resin   – approx 10 litres of epoxy.
  • Filler for epoxy – You need 2 types of filler, .
  • Fibreglass tape  – approx. 70 m of tape.
  • Paint – a small amount of paint and there are many options.
  • Foam buoyancy 
  • A few other assorted fittings
  • A motor

Full Plans – Tewantin


Download the full plans to build “Tewantin”, and get started building this fast, lightweight boat in your garage. With inexpensive materials and simple tools, you have everything you need to make this attractive small craft at home. The price is in USD.
The plans are 8 PDF files, which include 62 pages of detailed technical drawings and written information to assist you in building this boat.

This download includes:-
• 1- Welcome PDF 3-pages
• 2- Boat specifications + loading data 2-pages
• 3- Materials lists + tools & safety gear 8-pages
• 4- Build notes (work-table/building the boat) 12-pages
• 5- Drawing-1 (elevation + temp frames) 14-pages
• 6- Drawing-2 (boat frame + details) 9-pages
• 7- Template-1 (6mm Ply parts) 9-pages
• 8- Template-2 (9mm Ply + MFD) 5-Pages

The package is designed for builders with no prior experience building boats, to help you create your own boat, at home at low cost.

All drawings are vector PDFs, zoom in without losing detail. Work directly from a tablet, laptop or phone, or print everything at home on regular A4 paper to work from.

Full Plans Tewantin + CNC


For large CNC machines (1200mm x 2400mm cutting size)

If you have access to a CNC machine, you no longer need to scarf the plywood beforehand. There is no marking out the parts either. Cut all the plywood parts of the boat quickly and precisely. Price is in USD.
The files in this product are for cutting using a large machine that can handle a full plywood sheet – 1200mm x 2400mm (4ft x 8ft).

This download includes:-
• 1- Welcome-Tewantin-v1.7  3-pages
• 2- Specifications – Tewantin   2-pages
• 3- Material list + Safety Gear   8-pages
• 4- Build notes – Tewantin   12-pages
• 5-Drawings-1 (elevation-temp frames)   14-pages
• 6-Drawings-2 (boat frame + details)   9-pages
• 7-Template-1 (6mm Ply-parts)   9-pages
• 8-Template-2 (9mm Ply-MFD)   5-Pages
• 9-Tewantin – all CNC files (7).zip   7-dxf Files
• 10-TEWANTIN – CNC parts – Sheets-B1 to B7   7-Pages

File-9 is a zip file with seven (7) dxf files. Each file contains the hull parts, nested in a rectangle the size of a 1200 x 2400 plywood panel ready for cutting.

File-10 is a 7-page PDF with drawings for the layouts of the hull parts on each of the dxf files. It also includes an alignment drawing, to check the shape and alignment of the finger-jointed panels, before bonding.

How to purchase Plans


For Full Plans, follow this Link to purchase with PayPal – $49.

For Full Plans + CNC, follow this Link to purchase with PayPal – $74.

Please include in the message
– which plans you want

Direct payment – (Transferwise)

Save $3.00 off the above prices by paying direct.

Send an email with:-
– name of plans
– your country

to [email protected]

You will receive a reply with the local bank account details for direct payment (normally free of charges), in your country.

Transfers usually take from 1 – 24 hrs

Plans for all methods of payment will be sent as soon as payment is received to the email used for payment – guaranteed. By purchasing plans, you agree to the Terms and Conditions on this website.

If you have any questions, contact me at [email protected].


Other boats being built

Marco is the builder of this Tewantin in Brazil, working in limited space in his garage and driveway. The panels when cut, fit together perfectly as you can see in these photos.

The plans are vector PDF documents which zoom with no loss in quality. Work straight from your phone or tablet or print the boat plans on your printer at home. All pages print with good detail on regular A4 paper. The technical drawings include sheets with enlarged views for greater clarity when printed.

These photos show a Tewantin being built by Marco in Brazil, working in his garage and driveway, using stitch and glue method.

Built with aluminium

This is the first Tewantin built with metal. Graeme from New Zealand has done a great job, welding up his boat in aluminium, and gratefully allowed me to share these pictures of his work. Fantastic.

PDF format

The full plans are 8 PDF documents with 62 pages including,

  • 3 elevation dimensional drawings
  • Highly detailed template drawings for all parts
  • Fully illustrated build notes to help the first time builder, with tips and steps to building
  • Plans and instructions for building a work table including materials required. You can use this afterwards for other projects too (like your next boat)!
  • Material lists for the boat and suggestions for tools and consumables
  • Recommendations for safety gear, epoxy, fillers and mixing ratios etc.
Plywood boat at speed

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