The copyright of Plans and CNC files produced by Tim Weston remain at all times the property of Tim Weston and are protected under copyright law. These plans and CNC files are for building one (1) boat or daggerboard only.

By purchasing Plans or CNC files, you agree to not sell, distribute or share these plans, or CNC files or other information provided, in part or in full to anyone else. They are for your personal use only.

No warranty

Every effort is made in the design and drawing of these plans, to ensure an accurate, safe, well-built boat, daggerboard or other product, suitable for the expected job. Calculations for material sizes, fibreglass weights and layup schedules are based on my experience and my calculations using the averaged material data available. 

However, I have no control over the materials and methods used in the manufacture of the end product, or the way the end product is used. No warranty is given and no liability will be accepted, for the end products produced from these plans. All responsibility ends with the delivery of plans.

The sizes suggested for materials and weights and layup schedule for fibreglass are recommendations. Responsibility rests with the builder of the boat, daggerboard or any other items described in these plans, that the items produced are of sufficient strength and fit for the intended purpose.


Once purchased, plans are not refundable. If you decide at any time after purchase for one of the other plans, for any reason, contact support for a discounted price.


If you lose or delete your plans, you are welcome to download them again using the original links, or by contacting [email protected].

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Updated 4 March 2022.