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Small Boats

Build your own boat

Small boats are a lot of fun.  You can build one in your garage, and have it in the water in no time.  

The boats I have built were all made from inexpensive materials. Economy exterior grade plywood, epoxy and a bit of glass tape.  After you’ve finished testing, a coat of paint or varnish to protect her from the sun.


This boat started life as a project with my son. Living 2 blocks away from a beautiful waterway, but with only a small garage to build in. How could we not build a boat for it?


This little boat I built in 2 weeks and it really flew… Fast, light and made in plywood. Light enough to car top alone and stable in the water. Finished in hard white polyurethane paint.


Geelong gets a lot of attention whenever I head to the water. She sails beautifully is narrow enough to walk along footpaths. Assembly time is about 10 mins…

Book: Building TE - 3D

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