small boat Building

Geelong Plans


Foldup multihull 

Big enough for a day out for two with all your gear and, narrow enough to walk down the footpath to the water and park beside your car.

Built from inexpensive materials, available from your local home depot.

Specifications - Geelong

-Length = 4.7m (15.4ft)
-Beam (hull) = 700mm (28in)
-Beam (assembled) = 2.6m (8.5ft)
-Free-board (max) = 550mm (22in)
-Weight (MT) = 60 kg (132lbs)   (including pontoon, mast, sail and x-beams)
-Draft @ design waterline = 210mm (8.2in)
-Weight (loaded) @ design waterline  = 235kg (518lbs)
-Being a sailing boat, no registration, licence, loading data or floatation required (check your local regs)

Well suited for use with a small electric motor

Plenty of room to stretch out

for 2 people there is ample room for you and all your gear. High free-board handles choppy water well, even at the rear with lower free-board, things remain dry. 

She is easily driven and with just a few strokes of the paddle will coast for 100s of metres in still conditions. And, with the slightest of breeze, you can pack away the paddles. 

Walking to the water turns heads. You will meet more people than walking your dog.

Rig and Propulsion

Plans include template and elevation drawings for the hull, outrigger, rudder, daggerboard and casing, material list for the major parts and specifications. The suggested rig is a cat rig, as in the photos but you can rig her in different ways, such as gaff-rigged if you prefer.

An electric drive or small outboard motor are also ways to power this boat. An electric drive makes for a great fishing boat, quiet and plenty of room to stretch out inside. Her low resistance in the water means your batteries will take you a long way, and if they die, she is easy to paddle home.

If you build this boat with the idea of using an electric drive, you can save on making a rudder, mast, sails and daggerboard, (although the daggerboard helps when there is wind), you can steer with the motor instead. CNC files are available for building Geelong.

Other boat builds

Here are some photos and video from Ralf, in Cyprus.

Ralf built a makeshift extension to his house under tarps to give himself room to build, not just one, but two boats. Starting with a Tewantin, and then a Geelong, which you can see here being launched.

Tim Weston Boats