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Have questions, need drawings, or new ideas? No problem, help is at hand. 

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Whether you are building a boat, or still thinking about it. If you need advice, CAD drawings, or marine engineering work, help is at hand.

Skype call

If you are building, or deciding whether to buy a boat, you may have many questions. Make a list, as long as you like and arrange a time for a chat, via skype.    $45/hr (1hr min)

Help per email

Advice on any boat related topic. Get assistance as, and when you need it. Pay per minute, just for the time it takes to write you an answer.    $35/hr

CAD drawing

Professional CAD drawings made quickly, and at competitive rates. All plans and drawings can be delivered with CNC files, at little extra cost. Click below to get more info.  $35/hr

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