Working as an engineer on Superyachts


For anyone interested in working on Yachts as marine engineer, as mentioned in the “Building Super Yachts” video, below are some links that may give you more information on the path into this profession.

The training and ways to get certified, depend on which country you live in. You can enter yachting directly and follow that path to becoming certified or take the traditional path, going to sea in the merchant navy (commercial shipping), obtaining your commercial engineer’s certification first, which are well recognised in yachting.

Explore what is available and on offer in your country. I am not a career advisor and not up with the latest. But these links below might give you a starting point. They are not recommendations from me, rather something to get your search started.

There are many crew recruitment agencies in yachting. Give them a call, as well as the MCA or your local maritime regulatory agencies or training collages and ask them for guidance.