“Noosa” – plans available!

Running a little bit behind schedule, but they are now ready. If you want to build the boat like the one shown in the “How to build a boat – in 1 month video” here are the plans to make the job a whole lot easier.

The boat’s model name is “Noosa”!  She is 3.45m long and 1.09m wide and the plans have been redrawn from the ground up. Compared to the original plans there is a number of improvements the largest being the redesigned bottom. This boat follows on from 2 other boats that were built that also share this bottom shape and have performed very well. The size has been increased very slightly to meet the requirements in most countries in the world (including USA, Australia, and most of Europe) allowing a maximum motor size of 5hp, in case you need to register or meet local regulations in your local waters.  The recommended motor is 3.3hp, (the motor in the video).

The plans kit includes 6 PDF documents in vector format including 2 fully dimensioned drawings that you can zoom in and out and read easily on your phone or tablet, without the need to print anything.  The PDF’s are readable on any computer and any device.

You can mark out the parts on to the plywood directly from your phone, and then cut them out with a jigsaw and start glueing your boat together.  The pieces all fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. You fill the edges with epoxy resin mixed with a filler (to make a peanut butter consistency glue) which fills all the gaps. Seats are added along with pine framing.

Plywood boat ready for the waterWhen all the glueing and filleting of the inside corners is done it is all sanded smooth and the corners rounded to give a beautiful rigid lightweight boat ready for clear coating with epoxy and the addition of some fibreglass tape along the outside corners. Fit a motor to the back and make some wheels to go under her and you are ready to walk her to the water!

The plans are available for $45.  To purchase just visit the webpage.  If you have any questions send me an email at [email protected]  You will receive the plans by email. No worries about problems receiving them or losing them in the future. The plans are registered to you and you can have them resent at anytime.

Have a good week!