Time flies.. It is already over half way through September and progress on the website is moving slower than first hoped. What seemed easy is taking more time to accomplish than expected.  But learning a lot in the process. Especially with website security, backups, SEO and getting my head around Google webmaster tools, analytics etc, etc.

I inadvertently locked myself out of the website and caused it to disappear from the web (crash), by disabling a couple of security plugins, obviously the wrong way. I only got back in and got the site back online by uploading a backup I had (luckily) made 6 hours earlier.. Well if nothing else at least I found out that the backups do work.. For some fearful hours I started imagining my past months of tedious work and effort being all in vein and having to do it all again.  The thought of doing that all over again wasn’t a pleasant thought! But anyway moving forward it’s now back to adding more content and trying to get it looking a little more complete.

The next video (video 9) in the Tokyo Express series is in the making and will be up in the next few days. It has a little footage of one of the trips I made down to Sydney and also footage of a 3 month trip I made with a partner out into the Pacific to New Caledonia and Vanuatu. It was the only time I cleared customs and left Australia with the yacht on an international voyage.

It was quite a trip. I never forget the feeling after being hammered by big seas for the first 3 days after leaving Australia then ending up drifting for 2 days with no wind. Totally calm and peaceful, miles from anywhere, no ships to be seen.  Of not being in any country, no police, no need for money, in a no mans land. We had cleared Ozzie customs headed for New Caledonia. But I could have changed my mind and sailed to England. And food and water permitting I could have spent 6 months just being “nowhere”! We didn’t belong to anywhere and we could do what I liked, it was a beautiful feeling. This was freedom.. And the rest of the trip around these islands was unforgettable. I will talk more on it in the video and the next blog..

I hope your month is going well!