Daggerboard Plans – TE40 (suit 40ft catamaran)




Full Plans for Daggerboard and Case – (version 40ft)

Dramatically increase your cat’s performance, by replacing the original two boards with one large daggerboard. Whether you are building a new boat or retrofitting an existing cat, the board and case can be made to suit whatever hull shape you have. Price is in USD.

Main dimensions

  • Profile – NACA 63-012
  • Chord (length fore and aft) = 1225 mm (48 in)
  • Height of board = 5m (16.4 ft) – approx
  • Draught (max) = 2.8m (9 ft) – approx
  • Draught (retracted) = 700 mm (2.3 ft) – (depends on hull)
  • Board area (in water) = 2.7 sqm (29 sqft)   (Side of board – not surface area)
  • Maximum Case length (fore and aft) = 1274 mm (50 in)
  • Max Case width = 195 mm (7.7 in)
  • Case height = to suit your hull

The board should be installed ideally in a section of the hull where you can stand up. Usually, this is in the centre, behind the main mast bulkhead and mast. Contact me on the email address below if you wish to discuss your installation.


The download for these full-plans includes the following list of documents, with over 110 pages of drawings, documentation with explanations, and full-scale plots – all in PDF format. CNC files are in dxf format and bundled together in one zip file.

  • Doc_Welcome-Daggerboard TE-40     (3 pages)
  • Doc_Materials List – Daggerboard TE-40    (3 pages)
  • Doc_Build Notes_Daggerboard TE-40     (4 pages)
  • Elevation Drawings Daggerboard     (3 pages)
  • Elevation Drawings_Case      (11 pages)
  • Installation Drawings (examples)       (8 pages)
  • Plot Drawings Dboard_(main)_Ribs A3     (5 pages)
  • Plot Drawings Dboard_(main)_Ribs A4     (7 pages)
  • Plot Drawings Dboard_(taper)_Ribs_A4      (28 pages)
  • Plot Drawings Dboard_LeadingEdges_A4     (6 pages)
  • Template Drawings D/board (main section)     (17 pages)
  • Template Drawings D/board (taper section)     (11 pages)
  • Template drawings_Case      (5 pages)
  • CNC Layout Drawings – Daggerboard      (3 pages)
  • CNC Layout Drawings – Case      (3 pages)
  • CNC files – (all)

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