The final video in the series of building Tokyo Express is up.  This video brings the series to 10 videos..  I didn’t think it was going to get this big.  What started out small has turned into a 1 hour documentary.
It’s been a pleasure making it and sharing the joys I had in this project that spanned 8 years.  It is also quite incredible that I found my boat again, or my boat found me! Of all places in my own home town Geelong, 2000km from where the boat was built. And that I was actually there – it was the first i’d lived in this town in 26years..  More than a coincidence?  So it was great to be able to finish this story with footage together with the new owner Malcolm and how the boat looks now, 19 years after launching her. I’m sure she is in good hands now with Malcolm.

I hope you have enjoyed the story and thanks to all who have commented. I appreciate greatly your feedback. It motivates me!  The ebook is still in writing..

Until next time, have a good month!