Boat in 2 weeks - Tewantin - fast light weight plywood boat built from plansNew boat plans for “Tewantin” are finally up!

Available on the website now in 2 flavours – full plans and template only plans. It’s taken a lot longer than anticipated, refining, adjusting, tweaking and continually finding more and more things to include but they are now ready! Ready to be brought to life in a real shed out of real wood instead of just in a 3D space in virtual wood..

The plans are comprehensive with plenty of detail – especially to help those new to boat building.  The full plans are 21 pages of text documents + 35 pages of detailed technical drawings which include plans to build your own work-table (strong back) – to make construction comfortable and precise. It is easy to set up all the frames in their correct positions, before attaching the hull panels so you end up with a straight boat. Also it is much nicer to be able to work on your boat at a comfortable height and you can use it again (for building your next boat for example..)

Detail 3D view of boat plans to build the plywood boat TewantinLots of use has been made of the 3D model – close up images to help you better understand how the boat is put together. Suggestions for all materials needed in the boat, notes on consumables needed, safety gear, epoxy, fillers, mix ratios and more.

Surprisingly Tewantin requires the same number of sheets of plywood as Noosa to build – 4 sheets of 6mm ply and 1 sheet of 9mm ply. She is the same length but they are 2 different boats.  Tewantin can legally take a motor 3 times larger – 15hp ( although 10hp is the recommended max.) and she has much more volume inside due to her beam @ 33% wider and higher sides. But that is not to detract from Noosa.

With Noosa you can walk comfortably along the footpath to get to the water, you can even pull her behind a bicycle!  And she moves fast with a tiny motor, getting up on the plane even with up to 2 people onboard with a 3.3hp motor. Something unheard of in an aluminium tinny..

Boat plans - Tewantin - high speed light weight plywood boatWith Tewantin you need a car and maybe a trailer if your car is not big enough to carry it on roof racks. It’s moving into a different league but for that you have a boat with a ton of room that is stable, smooth and fast! I loved getting around in this boat, at the end of the day I never wanted to take her out of the water.

More detail and all the specifications for her are on the Tewantin plans page.