Welcome back

It’s late august and video 8 is now up, with some footage of the maiden voyage, racing and cruising on Tokyo Express.  From the hundreds of photos taken it is hard to condense down and form a story that encapsulates  in 5 minutes 2 years living..  But anyway, I hope this gives a little impression of how  life was aboard at that time.

The transformation from a life of working in a shed everyday, fully clothed despite the heat to protect myself from the epoxy and dust, to one of  living in shorts and T-shirts and walking everywhere barefoot was extreme.  To say I felt free was an understatement!  Waking up every morning and feeling the cool, wet dew when I stepped out on deck.  The sunsets, the peace and the stars alone on the river at night. And the sound of the water lapping against the hull.  The slight movement of the boat laying in bed at anchor, reminding me where I was.  I fell instantly in love with this lifestyle..

The first two weeks in the river was busy hooking up the systems, toilet, sinks, autopilot, navigation etc. Finishing off little jobs getting the boat ready for it’s first voyage up the coast to Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays.  Planing on the paper navigation charts I had bought years ago.  Programming in waypoints in the GPS.  This time it was for real!  It was exciting.

In the mean time, back in the present! The website development is continuing, slowly. I am filling in the child pages for the Tokyo Express page, so there is something when you click on the page links..  The ebook has been started.  The plans are still coming for the little boat.  Thanks for you patience, it’s a little busy at the moment but we’ll have things sorted soon.. And thanks for all the great comments on youtube.  It’s a pleasure sharing this journey..

Have a good week.