The material on this Website, the videos on YouTube, the Posts and downloadable free documentation are just that, free.

I am happy to share what I have learned, encouraging others to follow their dream. My aim is to try and inspire and help others get involved in boat building, a hobby that brings out the creator in you and an activity I believe is worth sharing.

If anything here has helped you and you would like to share your appreciation, any donation you make would be much appreciated! ?

It has become a nearly full time “job” creating maintaining and expanding this ecosystem I have started, with little in the way of income in return. Any donation, no matter how small, will be gratefully received and go toward the continued creation of content and the running of this website.

Thank you for reading this page…


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This website is all about boats, home boat building and other DIY projects.  A place for the do it yourself builder and anyone interested in boats and making things.

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