Marco Correa is making great progress building the 3.45m boat Noosa in his garage and driveway in Brazil. This is his first time ever building a boat so hats off to you Marco for what you have achieved! Also in a relatively short time. Here are some photos of his work that he kindly allowed me to share.

In his driveway, the cut pieces of plywood have been assembled ready for bonding, stitched with wire to align them. There are many ways you can assemble the boat depending on your preference, stitch and glue is one method that is widely used.

The parallel mark out lines are visible on the wood and the scarf join can be seen as well.  The assembly phase is where it starts to really get fun. The slow detailed work of marking out all the parts and cutting them out with the jigsaw is behind you. Now the boat really starts becoming a boat.


Plywood boat - Noosa - nearly readyIn this next picture he has really moved forward.  The seats, main bulkhead and bonnet are in place. As are the handrails and vertical frames.

It is extremely rewarding to sit and look at your progress at the end of the day as your boat takes shape, transforming from a flat piece of plywood into a vehicle that you can hop in with all your stuff and it will take you places.

You have created something with handling, something that has it’s own character, it’s own personality. It’s very rewarding.


Boat with motor in placeAnd the last picture shows a view from the stern with the motor already in position.  By the looks of it I don’t think it will be too long before she is ready for her first run in the water.

Great job Marco on building your first boat! I am looking forward to the photos and hearing your impressions of her in the water ?. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

That’s all for this post. More coming soon!

All the best. Tim